Speaker Ceiling Mounts

While I’m asking random questions that just one person reading this needs to have an answer for…

I’m looking at mounting my surround sound speakers to the ceiling, at last.  The speakers are small.  They’re less than two pounds apiece.  So weight isn’t an issue.

Wiring isn’t an issue, either, since this is happening in a drop ceiling.  So snaking wires above the ceiling is the easiest part of the job.

The problem IS the drop ceiling. All the gadgets to put speakers up on the ceilings of walls give you screws to drill it into place.  I can’t screw things into a drop ceiling.  Is there a special mount for this, to hang a lightweight speaker onto the drop ceiling?  Or do I need to mount them higher and drill holes in the ceiling tiles to hang the speaker? Or, do I just take a lot of string and tie the speaker up competely.

So — any ideas?

UPDATE: My solution is to just mount the speakers on the back wall, a few feet behind the couch.  I can increase the volume of those two speakers, in particular, to make up for the distance they’ll be. Hopefully, I’ll be doing this over the coming weekend. . .