Random Remembering

Remember when Laserdiscs were dying, DVD wasn’t yet around, but the Director’s Commentary track was primed to be the next big thing? You got two-tape VHS packages. The first tape had the movie. The second had the movie, but with the commentary audio on it. Neither, of course, was likely to be in widescreen, though some movies were starting to go there. You just lost too much resolution on a VCR with widescreen movies in their proper format.

Seeing a feature on those VHS tapes is one of the reasons I picked up the original “Scream” DVD. I was a “Dawson’s Creek” fanboy at the time, so a Kevin Williamson commentary would have been tough to pass up.

And now DVDs can feature multiple commentaries per movie, and Blu Ray gives you video commentary. Isn’t technology grand?

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