Resolved for 2010: No Resolution

Last year, I dared to come up with some New Year’s Resolutions. Now, a year later, I realize why I never bother lying to myself with such things. I had nine bullet points, and I don’t think I managed to hit more than one or two. Quick recap:

  • Learn More Photoshop. Nope. I hid more in Lightroom. I did pick up Photoshop Elements on sale over the summer, and never used it much. Fail!

  • Learn JavaScript. Nope. I think this was the third year that was on the list, and it’s still not done. I did do some very minor JavaScript programming at work, but it doesn’t count enough. I’m signed up for a class again this year, but we’ll see if that happens or not now.

  • Program an iPhone app. Yeah, I knew going in last year that this was the loooong shot, and it’s also the one I made the least progress towards.

  • Redesign this blog. Nope, didn’t happen. Had some ideas, but never took the time. Right now, I concentrate more on just keeping the blog going. I get the feeling that most of my readers come through an RSS feed, so what’s the point, anyway?

Even further, I had bought two URLs for a companion site to this one that I wanted to launch mini-blogs with. I just let those URLs lapse. Not bad ideas, but I’m not a full time blogger, so it’s not like I can justify the time and energy on it.

  • Get paid for my photography. That had already happened by the time I posted the resolution, so I bumped it to “Get Paid Again.” Never happened.

  • Launch two successful new blogs. worked. It may not get great hits, but I set out to do what I wanted to do: I posted a pic every day for the entire year. Mission: Accomplished. The other blog got caught up in development and never happened. Might be for the best. I don’t seriously have time for it, anyway.

  • Don’t waste time on-line. I’ll give myself half credit on this one. I was off Twitter for a few months, which helped. And the rest of my on-line time seemed geared towards learning something or researching something for the column or blog.

  • Double my on-line income. Nope. If I analyzed it carefully, I probably made more than in 2008, but doubled? Nope.

  • Get more sleep. I laughed at this idea last year, and I will again now.

So I made it halfway through four of the resolutions, and finished none. I am a loser.

For now, I say “Bah Humbug” on 2010 Resolutions. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind tomorrow if I have a sudden brainstorm.