New Blu Rays for 19 January 2010

Lesson learned: If you want to off yourself (a regular motif of these Blu Ray posts, it seems), use something quicker and easier than a kitchen knife. Yikes.

  • The Bourne Identity (Universal) The Bourne Supremacy (Universal) The Bourne Ultimatum (Universal)

These are the new flipper discs, where one side is Blu Ray and the other is DVD. I suppose that’s a good gateway drug kind of thing, but it seems ultimately silly to me. Maybe the idea of a single SKU is glorious to the movie companies. I don’t know.

The big problem, of course, is that you’ll need to look at the tiny type on the ring around the hole in the middle of the disc to tell whether you’re about to put in a Blu Ray or a DVD disc.

So just buy the trilogy on Blu Ray and be done with it.

  • Che (Criterion)

For you communist revolutionary dictator worshipping types…

Gerard Butler in what looks like a bit of a “Ender’s Game” type of movie.

The story of the first politician, right? Stars Ricky Gervaise.

Yes, this is the comic book-based movie that bombed so big in September that I don’t think it saw October in a movie theater. The original comics are really really good, though.

I like this movie. I’ve never watched the DVD more than once, but I like it. Big sprawling cast, crazy ending, and a magnificent Oscar-nominated supporting actor turn for Tom Cruise that’s completely NSFW at the beginning there.

There’s always a TV-on-DVD release, right? I guess this is TV-on-BD now?

2 thoughts on “New Blu Rays for 19 January 2010

  1. I think the flip discs is a smart move — same with Disney’s offering of two-disc sets where one is DVD and the other Blu Ray. Once people accumulate enough and Blu Ray players are cheap enough, it will make switching that much easier — and leave people without feeling like they need to go out and buy their entire DVD sets again.

  2. I also missed Whiteout in the theaters. Even had the chance to watch it on the plane ride to Japan yesterday – watched episodes of Hustle instead. What does that say about my interest in the movie?

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