Small World – Idol and Politics

Quoting my Idol writeup of 08 March 2006:

Ayla Brown did a current song that I’ve heard on the radio once or twice, but don’t know the name or artist on. “Unwritten,” perhaps? It’s a horrible song choice with no range, but not a bad performance song choice. She danced around and mostly pulled the song off. The softer parts were weak, but the power parts worked well. Again, the band drowned her out a few times. Ayla, despite a couple of stellar performances, might be in trouble. Ryan looks like a midget standing next to her, too. We tall people have to stick together, so I voted for her a dozen times last night.

And, now, lots of Massachusetts voters voted her father into the Senate this week.

One thought on “Small World – Idol and Politics

  1. Oh, yeah, and “Unwritten” was a new song back then, too. Now, it seems ubiquitous. Wait, that’s just from being the theme song from one of MTV’s reality series, isn’t it?

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