Initial Blu Ray Thoughts

This is something I wrote up three weeks ago, and never posted. Whoops. I’ve since watched a couple more Blu Ray movies and am still in awe of the detail and experience. Let’s get to the writeup:

I finally got to fire up the Blu Ray player on Monday and Tuesday nights to watch a movie, after a long weekend of near-misses. So I watched “Star Trek,” and loved every minute of it. Every line of dialogue. Every bit of questionable physics.

So, time for some bullet points, and I’ll start with the Blu Ray side of things:

  • Oooh, so pretty. Even the Paramount logo is sharp and shiny.

  • The Blu Ray player really is just a computer that happens to play video. It feels so much like that now. Yes, it loads a little more deliberately than a DVD player, but given how many DVD menu authors like to go overboard with “designed” things that take time to play after you choose any menu item, it’s not that big a stretch.

On the Samsung unit I have, the default menu gives you four additional options to start, including Pandora, YouTube, and Netflix, or Blu Ray. I really need to get internet connectivity working with this player next. I want to watch that whole 90 minute takedown of “The Phantom Menace” on my big screen TV. ;-) (I’ve since watched all the parts of that series, by the way, and it’s hilarious. Well worth the time.)

  • Blu Rays still do the annoying “Show Four Trailers Before Accessing the Menu” crap. It looks like the “Title Menu” button will skip past them. Doing chapter skip is too slow for me.

  • I like the way the text on the screen seems in proportion to the screen size. Things aren’t REALLY HUGE because they don’t need to be. They’re likely the same size, pixel-wise, as DVDs, but can look smaller and more proportionate just because there’s more pixels up on the screen.

  • Surround sound rules.

  • I know the home theater experts say to use the cinema video mode and then calibrate from there, but I still find that to be too dull. I use “standard.” “Vivid” is only for those who are half-blind, I guess. Or for Best Buy’s use up on the wall.

  • Heh heh. While the disc menu is loading, you get a little Enterprise spinning around.

  • Wait, there’s no movie trailer on this disc? I hope it’s on the second disc. I like having movie trailers. (It is on the second disc, with all the extras.)

4 thoughts on “Initial Blu Ray Thoughts

  1. I got a Blu Ray player for Christmas but no BDs. Last night, I placed an order for my first BDs. I think 2001 will be the first I watch.

  2. 2001 is a great choice, from all the reviews I’ve read, particularly at the low price point it’s selling for on-line. I think you’ll like it. Congrats on your new player.

  3. Glad to see your getting some time to watch some movies. Picked up Star Trek last week myself, and it is quite a nice picture. Did you get it hooked into the internet yet? I picked up a wireless access point and it works great. Been watching some MST3K on youtube through the blu-ray. Brings back some memories :)

  4. I watched Batman Begins on Sunday afternoon. It was better than I remembered and looked great on Blu Ray.

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