Podcasting Gear for Sale

With all of my podcasting now done very lo-fi via the iPhone, I’m clearing some of the old equipment out, and I’m selling the compressor. It’s a nice bit of audio kit for your recording needs, really helping to fill out the sound of your voice in a recording. It’s getting $175 on Amazon used these days, but I though I’d try to avoid those fees by offering it up here first. If anyone wants it, it’s yours for a mere $150 via PayPal.com, shipping included. Email me at augiedb AT Gmail DOT com with any questions or offers…

There are a few scratches on top of the box, but that’s completely cosmetic. yes, the power cord (not pictured) is also included.

Click on the pics below for larger sizes, if interested.

Really Nice Compressor 1

Really Nice Compressor 3

Really Nice Compressor 2