New Blu Rays for 26 Jan 2009

These Blu Ray write-ups always seem to feature one prominently dead guy, don’t they? I’m cursed.

Bruce Willis movie, based on the Top Shelf comic book.  Did you ever think you would read such a sentence?

Chick flics?  Check and check.

The Blu Ray is an “extended dance edition.”  Oooh…

Do they ship one of these sequels every week now?

Drew Barrymore directs, “Juno” stars.

It’s Criterion, so I’m supposed to love it, right?  I have the Criterion DVD release of “House of Games.” Really need to get to that someday.  Haven’t watched it in years, and then it was in the standard release.

2 thoughts on “New Blu Rays for 26 Jan 2009

  1. Chick flics? Check and check.

    I object! Atonement isn’t a chick flick. It’s adapted from an Ian McEwan book, and is what in times past might have been called a drama movie. Don’t let the presence of Keira Knightley fool you. It’s a very good film too.

    Still, this isn’t the most egregious representation of a movie I’ve seen this week, given that one article following Erich Segal’s death called Love Story a rom-com.

  2. I stand corrected. Man, I can’t keep track of anything anymore…

    Though even I know better than to call “Love Story” a romantic comedy. Yikes!

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