Star Trek (2009)

Last week, I talked about my initial Blu Ray thoughts from watching last year’s “Star Trek” movie. Now, let’s get to the movie, itself, in convenient blogger-friendly bullet point format:

  • I still get chills when they do the slow pan across the Enterprise for the first time in any given movie.

  • J.J. Abrams knows what the fans wants and throws in as many references as he can, from Kirk bedding green skinned alien women to the guy in the red shirt jumping to his death. Really, we all saw it coming and we all laughed when it happened. Oh, and Sulu is a swordsman! Excellent!

  • Chekov is a bit too much, though I did laugh at his inability to pronounce code words right. “Wictor Wictor.”

  • The guy playing McCoy sure gets DeForest Kelley’s cadence dead-on. I think it may be my favorite introduction to a character of all time, when Bones walks into the shuttle and sits next to Kirk.

  • Abrams didn’t change things as much as I thought he might. He amplified them. He created Spock to be just as much the rebel as Kirk. And those similarities help to amplify the fights between the two which, in the original series, felt almost jocular more often than not.

  • Uhura bedding Spock? Interesting. As I recall, the trailers were cut to make it look like she and Kirk were having a romp.

  • Pike eating a slug is Chekov getting the slug in his ear from “Wrath of Khan” right?

  • I’m a geek, I know.

  • Spock’s alternate reality speech is the nice way to consider this a franchise reboot, isn’t it?

  • My only problem with the movie? Kirk is handled as a cartoonish buffoon in two places: his blown-up hands, and running away from CGI Creature. Besides, My Captain Kirk (UGH) would have found a gigantic icicle and pierced the heart of that beast to save himself, not cower in fear and wait for a deus ex machina.

  • The movie really was like a Greatest Hits Star Trek film. They’ll need to expand beyond that for the next movie, though I have no doubt they will do so admirably.

  • Scotty has a cute alien creature buddy. Why? Is there a reason beyond the merchandising? Or was it because another human would have cost more money to pay an actor with lines for? I smell deleted scene. I need to get to that second disc filled with extras . . .

  • “I got your gun.” BWAH HA HA

  • Damn, he even sits in the captain’s chair like William Shatner.

  • Bruce Greenwood will forever be The Nowhere Man to me, but he does well as Pike, too.

  • In the end, the movie wears “Star Trek” like a badge on its sleeve, not something to be avoided or ashamed of. It revels in the fact, throws in as many in-jokes and well-remembered punch lines as possible, and then lets everyone know that the old Trek you knew and loved is still valid, but this is the new and modern revamped parallel version (minus a Romulan and Vulcan home world) that you may now enjoy.

Highly recommended.

2 thoughts on “Star Trek (2009)

  1. Actually, if you want to get technical about it… the new alternate Trek timeline may be missing Vulcan, but it still has Romulus. It’s the original “Prime” timeline that’s missing a Romulus (but still has a Vulcan).

    Oh, I’ve wasted my life.

  2. This movie has me split down the middle. It was likeable as an action film. As a star trek film it kinda left me with a bad taste in my mouth. My biggest gripe is with the story…specifically, the whole time travel idea. I HATE TREK TIME TRAVEL! (subtle enough?)

    They did it in 4. They did it in Generations. They did it in First Contact and EVERY TV series. Everytime they do it, it opens the door for massive plot holes and lazy writing. IMO, it just ruins what could be an otherwise more solid film. I’ll let the TV shows slide because they are hit and miss. (End of TNG? GOOD! End of Voyager? BULLSH!T)

    So I have to turn my brain off somewhat to watch this film. Everything is fun and enjoyable except the main plot. It’s not as lazy as Avatar, but many parts rank high on the eye-rolling BS meter. It does, however, hold some good re-watch value, and retains a lot of the charm the OS had.

    Gotta agree on the casting of McCoy. Casting was pretty good across the board, but Winona Ryder? Seriously?

    We’ll have to mst3k it sometime ;)

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