Blu Rays for 02 Feb 2010

Hilary Swank as Amelia Earhardt? Sounds like fun. Spoiler alert: She disappears!

A classic. The last DVD restoration looked pretty good, though. Don’t know how much better you’re going to get, but I’m open to it.

This is pure linkbait. I don’t watch the series. No time for it. But I know lots of you do!

This is a legendary digital flop. The DVD was poor. The initial Blu Ray release was a bad upconvert of the DVD, from the looks of it. At last, they’re correcting it, and doing it right, we hope. The ironic part is that the film’s director, Martin Scorcese, goes around telling everyone how important it is to digitally preserve Hollywood’s past in the best possible way. Yet this movie of his has been an embarrassment.

It’s also the subject of the best Blu Ray review I’ve ever now read.

What, they didn’t bother with Part III? Interesting.

These are the two animated TV movies they did after the live action theatrical release.

And, really, isn’t this why digital preservation of films is so important?

I still have the first, unwatched, on DVD. So sad.

It follows the standard Hollywood auto-bio Oscar bait formula, but it’s still entertaining.

Woddy Harrelson. Zombies. Internet glee!

Next week: “The Phantom,” amongst others.

2 thoughts on “Blu Rays for 02 Feb 2010

  1. If you don’t watch Doctor Who, that collection is certainly not the place to start.

  2. Yeah, I’m not even considering it. If I had the time to watch that much TV, I’d put it to work catching up on LOST and a couple other shows I missed after the baby came…

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