Link Dumpage

Need to get a few of these off my chest:

  • Haven’t done a hybrid car story here in a long time, but surely a Porsche hybrid calls for attention!
  • Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” movie to be a 3D motion capture CGI film? Sure, why not? Like the initial reports that Roland Emmerich was directing it didn’t lower our expectations far enough…
  • Hilarious bit of SEO: A story about Facebook logging-in techniques gets higher rankings on Google than your actual Facebook log-in page. Confusion ensues from the clueless who use Google to go everywhere. Seriously, there are still people who type Facebook into Google to go there, instead of just typing Ugh
  • I think I might still be drooling over the Canon T2i. And it’s only the entry level camera. This is nuts.

One thought on “Link Dumpage

  1. Uhg…everytime I hear a story about “3D motion capture” I roll my eyes. Thanks for the useless hysteria, James Cameron! Where was all this when Lucas crapped out the new trilogy? The only reason anyone cares is because Avatar made more money than Scrooge McDuck.

    So, naturally, anyone making a movie has to incorporate 3D and motion capture. Don’t even get me started on the glasses. Sure, it’s nice and all that, but studios are going out of their way to try to shoe horn 3D in existing projects, or flat out cancel and restart films to get it in there…i’m looking at you, Sony and you too Michael Bay!

    Ooops…all of a sudden i’m sounding kinda cranky. I think I need a nap.

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