AI9: Girls Round of 12

What I learned from watching American Idol last night:   * Being a good singer isn’t good enough anymore.  The judges want David Cook and Adam Lambert.  They want full-fledged musicians who can rewrite every song they come across.  Man, it used to be enough just to belt out a final note to cover a shaky performance.  Those poor contestants…   * Nobody taught Ashley what a “plosive” is during her dress rehearsal.  (Hint: That’s the puffing sound you make when you hold an unprotected mic too close to your mouth and make the “p” sound.  That’s why those windscreens sit in front of microphones in recording studios.)   * Song selection, song selection, song selection.   * Ellen is taking seriously her vow that she’s there to tell contestants how comfortable they look on stage.  And, occasionally, that they’re cute.  She IS the new Paula.   * Kara taught us that it’s OK to say the “B” word twice during a family show.   * This year’s fashion choice: Leggings or tights.  Failing that, a short dress will do.  Double points for both.   * Hannah Storm’d fit right in.   * No, seriously, at one point the black girl wearing the white dress sang a Beatles song back-to-back with the white girl in the black dress.  I thought I was in that episode of the original “Star Trek” with The Riddler for a moment.   * Me, a geek?  No…   * We have our traditional red-headed dye job contestant.  The most successful of those so far have been Nikki McKibbin and Alison Iraheta.  Alison is scheduled to perform tomorrow night.  I don’t think this season’s red head is in for a terribly long run, though.   * Yes, we get it, Idol. You have clearances from The Beatles now.  We’re going to get hit over the head with Beatles songs now, aren’t we?  Hopefully, not every contestant will so completely lose the melody on the way to making the song “their own.”   * Can I get a job at that photo studio?  Looks cool.

4 thoughts on “AI9: Girls Round of 12

  1. Maybe you meant to phrase it differently, but a plosive has nothing to do with a microphone. A plosive is sound made by completely stopping the flow of air from the mouth and subsequently releasing it in a burst, like a “b,” “d,” or “p,” among others.

  2. Yeah, maybe the phrasing needs work, but that’s the idea. You’re getting the popping sound in the mic whenever that contestant would sing a word that began with a “P.” One of the guys had the same problem the next night… Maybe it needs fixing with vocal lessons more than mic control lessons, though.

  3. Can we please finally get rid of the group song! Glad to see you BACK Auggie!

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