My First Amazon Purchase

Just discovered this weekend that Amazon has a complete history of everything you’ve ever purchased available for your perusal. Go to Your Account –> Your Orders and then choose the year from the dropdown box just above and to the left of your most recent orders.

Turns out my first Amazon purchase was September 7, 1998.  I bought two things:

I had gotten my DVD player a couple months earlier, so this would have been one of my earliest movie purchases.  Back then, DVDs weren’t a dime a dozen.  This one cost $20.99. Today, it’s available for $12.49. For goodness sake, the Blu Ray for this movie is less than $15.

What can I say, I’m part tech geek. This $42.95 book promised to discuss the format and the processing in detail. I was very curious about it at the time.  I remember carrying this book out of the office one day, when one of the Veeps at the company I worked for (he’s very smart) looked at the book and said, “I didn’t think they were all that mystifying.”

Total price: $68.84

That’s right: There was no free shipping on orders more than $25 back then, let alone Amazon Prime.

4 thoughts on “My First Amazon Purchase

  1. Wow…can’t believe they actually have the records for those. Amazing. Well, I don’t go back as far as you. Mine was feb 2000. It was a book called The Art and Science of Digital Compositing. Shortly after was 13th Warrior (Antonio Banderas) which I won’t count because that was for mom.

    My first Amazon DVD for myself was Princess Bride. Looks like I was sticking to the brick n’ mortar experience for a while since we got our DVD players about the same time.

  2. Mine was December 2000. 1) The Illustrated Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo 2) Sable by Mike Grell 3) Devil In A Blue Dress DVD 4) The Anatomy Of Buzz by Emanuel Rosen 5) The Flip Side Of Sin by Rosalyn McMillan 6) Chinatown DVD

    1 I bought for the teenage son of a friend. #2 was a novel by Mike Grell about the hero of his first major independent comic. #3 & #4 were DVDs I was dying to have, and both turned out to be great; what a coincidence they were both set in LA in the past, but in vastly different settings. #4 was a book I bought for work. #5 was a novel for my then-girlfriend-now-wife.

    That was a pretty good haul for me. Looks like free shipping was in place when I ordered. Knowing how cheap I was/am, it was probably the free shipping that finally convinced me to order from Amazon. Now, dozens of dozens of orders and thousands of dollars later, that’s the first place I turn to when I want to order anything on-line.

  3. Oops, looks like the previous post was of my last order of 2000. My first order was in May 2000. That consisted of:

    1) The Living Is Easy by Dorothy West 2) The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell 3) Three Wishes by Barbara Delinsky 4) Walking The Dog by Walter Mosley

    I have no idea what #3 was. I assume I ordered it for my girlfriend. #4 was written by the same guy who wrote the novel “Devil In A Blue Dress” (in the previous post) was based on. Except for #3, this was another good haul.

  4. Peculia by Richard Sala, 2004. It arrived damaged, so they sent a free replacement with two-day shipping.

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