The Blockbuster down the street from me is closing.  The sign outside the store says, “This Location Only!”   Funny; that’s the same thing the other three Blockbusters I’ve seen close in the area in the last six months or so have said.   At what point do they just admit that their business model is toast?  The video rental store made sense when it was VHS only and rental stores had exclusives for a long time.  (Well, you as the consumer could buy the movie right away if you REALLY wanted to pay $80 or more for it.)  But once that barrier disappeared — I think it did with DVDs, but don’t quote me on that — the rental store lost its major weapon.  And with cheap DVDs available quickly and DVRs able to record high def movies off cable to view anytime and now those $1 rental Red Boxes and all the on-line options — well, Blockbuster doesn’t need to exist. It’s convenient sometimes, but not often.  Why bother?   It’s somewhat sad to see another Real World community site disappear. Welcome to the future, though.    

One thought on “Blockbusted

  1. Well, it was inevitable. The handwriting is on the wall in big neon spray paint. Is that the one by that big hulk of empty rocks that was once Wayne Hills mall?

    But my spider sense is also tingling at the end of DVD’s and CD’s, and I don’t mean at the hands of blu-ray. Digital streaming is the wave of the future. First the physical stores, then the physical products. Soon everything will be digital streaming from the net…..ordered and delivered.

    Yeah, we’re gonna turn into the fat folks from Wall-E.

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