My Trip to the Apple Store

I’ve been a Mac guy for about five years now. Still use my original Mac desktop as a matter of fact, a creaky PowerPC based leviathan with a second hard drive installed to handle all the photos, music, etc.

I’ve rarely needed to use the Genius Bar. I used it once when a power pack died on my monitor, and one other time when my first iPod had battery issues after a month or two of use. (I sense a pattern, all of a sudden.)

So when my two year old laptop developed issues — the backlight turned off after opening the screen past 90 degrees — I went to and made an appointment for a Sunday morning visit to the Genius Bar.

It went very smoothly. An employee with an iPad found my appointment and got me the next available genius. The Genius, himself, (Hi, Doug!) saw what was wrong and had two possible diagnoses in an instant, explaining them clearly and succinctly. (It was just the backlighting, and one of two issues were to blame.) He gave me both price quotes.

Then he saw some chips on the plastic around the edges where my wrists rest, and told me it would be a free repair on my model and lined that up, too.

I gave them the laptop, sheepishly admitted my insecure password for it, and was on my way.

They called a couple of hours later and I returned to get everything back in one piece and fully functional again. $100 is a lot cheaper than a new laptop, though let’s face it: I’m a tech geek. A new laptop would have been cooler. ;-) (Completely unnecessary, though.)

On the way out the door in the morning, I got to touch an iPad for the first time.

Steve Jobs is right — it IS magical. Everything glides across the screen. It’s like everything is on ice, it moves so quickly. Pinching to zoom in and out happens quicker than anything I’ve ever seen a computer do. Swiping from page to page is slick.

And then I had to go, because my daughter was getting antsy inside her stroller. I showed her a video off and she was entranced, but I didn’t want to push it.

Sadly, the Mrs. was home sick and couldn’t witness the glory.

When I went back in the afternoon to pick the laptop up, the two tables with six iPads each were crowded with people checking it out. I saw lots of kids — tweens and teenagers — showing their parents the iPad, and lots of people smiling. It’s true — when you get yours hands on the device, you can’t help but fall in love.

No wonder Apple just hired a Nintendo fanboy to manage their iPad Games section. This thing might upset the entire portable games market, even at its larger size in comparison to the DS, PSP, et. al. (Wait, are there others past those two?)

So what’s the point of all this? The iPad looks really cool. It gives a great demo to those playing with it. And the Genius Bar worked for me yet again. Heck, thanks to on-line scheduling, it worked better than ever.

I’m a happy Apple guy.

One thought on “My Trip to the Apple Store

  1. Yeah….but can it run FLASH!!?!? DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN!!!

    I kid, I kid….seriously, it does look pretty cool. My wife loves the iPhone (but hates AT&T, go fig), so i’m sure she would get a kick out of the iPad. I don’t see it putting up much of a good fight against the DS. Size really is king in that market, not to mention cost. You’d really be buying an iPad for a few other things before you think about games. I’m surprised you havn’t picked one up yet.

    Well, back to youtube where I can watch someone put an iPad in a blender. What a funny world we live in.

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