Two Concert Camera Preparations I Missed

Two equipment issues popped up at the concert:

Like I said, I didn’t have my battery grip attached to the camera. That meant I was operating on one battery’s worth of power instead of two. It was a fresh battery, so I wasn’t worried too much. In the end, it wasn’t a problem. I only lost one bar of power through the whole concert. I guess not using the flash helped. I also turned down the brightness of my LCD screen. It needn’t be so bright, after all. I was in a dark concert hall. And that brightness is a notorious battery drain.

The second thing turned out to be the bigger challenge. I only had one 8 gigabyte memory card in my camera. And it already had 100 pictures on it, only a few of which hadn’t been previously transferred to the computer. Still, that left room for another 600 – 700 pictures, so no big deal, right?

I wound up deleting by hand all of those pictures on the card that I didn’t need. And my final frame was shot during the curtain call at the end of the show. I could have used another dozen frames or so, but I don’t think I missed much. If I had brought my 2 GB card in with me, I probably could have filled it up. I slowed down a bunch in the last 15 minutes of the concert.

Interestingly, my camera tells me that an 8GB card should hold just over 700 RAW pictures, at 10 megapixels. I ended up stuffing almost 800 pictures on the card before I was done. I imagine the file sizes were smaller because half of every image was just inky blackness? Maybe?

Next: Backgrounds are important! That should be the final photographic post in this saga. I might have one last post about the Wiggles, themselves, though…

The final semi-decent picture I took at the concert

The final good picture I took of the concert