The Wiggles Wrap-Up

So, after spending the better part of the week talking about photographing the concert, how was the actual concert?

Pretty cool, actually.

I spent one night cruising YouTube looking at Wiggles videos during the week. I believe now more than ever that what I wrote last week was dead-on: If you know the Wiggles from their TV show, you’re going to hate ’em. If you know them as a live kids’ band, you’re going to appreciate them a lot more. Watching videos of them in Elvis jumpsuits lip-synching to a medley of their early hits from The Disney Channel circa 2003 is painful. Watching the cheaply-produced show with over-the-top characters is annoying.

But, at the heart of it, the music is catchy and the four members of the band are entertaining. Watching them live on stage, you can feel the chemistry amongst the members of the band, and even with the back-up Wiggly Dancers. Something you don’t get enough of from the concert videos is the improvising and joking around they do between songs, with genuine laughter back and forth.

And they’re not perfect, but at least they didn’t forget any words. I still don’t know how they can do all that singing and dancing at the same time. I’m out of breath just watching them. But, wait, Sam tweeted about that a couple weeks back:

Singing while dancing is similar to holding your breath while swimming.Tiring. Add low oxygen from high altitude = drowning

So there you have it.

Now, I need more concerts to photograph! When’s Dora coming through?

The Wiggles and Wiggly Dancers and Dorothy take a bow

The Wiggles and Wiggly Dancers and Dorothy take a bow