Sad News – My Nifty Fifty’s Death

My Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens died this weekend. It’s my fault. I jammed my camera into my camera bag and heard a sound. That little plastic Nifty Fifty was hiding in the corner and my camera broke it apart. While it’s interesting to see the inside of a lens, it’s not something you want to see on YOUR lens. EVER.

At the same rate, the Nifty Fifty is a notoriously cheap lens. It’s total plastic, and breaks easily. I just learned that lesson personally. It sucks.

And because it’s so cheap, it’s not worth sending out for fixing, because the usual minimum repair charge is more than the cost of the lens, itself.

So, new lens? Yes. I definitely want one. I want a fast prime lens. There’s nothing like the look of a prime lens. I don’t know all the physics reasons for it. They’re a simpler design, so there’s less stuff between the light and my camera’s sensor, I guess. And with that wide open aperture, it’s a great lens for low light. They also tend to be cheaper than zoom lenses, not that any lens in the world is actually “cheap.” So, what to do, what to do.

Tomorrow: The Options.