Why Disney Has It Backwards

This is wrong. The Blu-ray disc is not the subordinate bonus disc. That’s a ridiculous statement on Disney’s part. There are two SKUs for the “Snow White” home video release.

The first is a cheaper lesser DVD-only release. It has the movie, some bare bonus bits, and that’s it.

The Blu-ray SKU contains two Blu-Ray discs (the feature, and a disc of bonus materials) plus the original DVD disc as a bonus, mostly to be used in the car player for the kids in the back seat. That DVD disc isn’t what anyone is purchasing that box for. It’s a secondary feature to be added to the Blu-ray release.

Even worse, Disney advertises this as a “Disney DVD” release with the Blu-ray insignia hidden in the bottom right corner of the box. Disney is living in the past, and needs to deal with the fact that it’s publishing two formats, and should have a name that encompasses both. (Take, for example, the way Apple has “iOS” to cover all its mobile touch-screen devices, instead of an “iPhone OS.”)

Yes, there are still more DVD players out there than Blu-ray players. Most likely, that will always be true. That’s not the issue here. The issue is — well, purely semantic. But it’s a horrible way to market a Blu-ray disc. Those who want the Blu-ray are used to a certain packaging that Disney isn’t using. It’s not the slightly smaller box. It’s not the box with the blue bars at the top and bottom. It’s just — wrong.