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Had a power outage last night that broke my blogging rhythm.. I’ll be back tomorrow with more pictures from last week’s photographic journey. But first —

I’m raising some funds to buy a new camera. I’m starting to dig into the comic book original art now. Here’s a Joe Madureira page from “Deadpool” #4 (the mini-series before the series). I’m accepting offers on it now, or I might put it up on eBay soon. Not sure yet. But it’s a fun page to look at, if nothing else.

Lettering by Chris Eliopoulos is pasted onto the original art board. It’s not signed by anyone, but it does have a clear overlay taped to the board to produce the semi-circular effect you see on the bad guy’s mask. This scan doesn’t include that overlay, though it’s still with the art.

Forgive the awkward stitching of the art. I let Photoshop CS handle it, and it’s ancient.

Click on the art to see it at much larger size:


augie (at) would be a good address to contact me at, if you’re interested. I also have an eight page “Superman” sequence from Mike McKone I’m looking to offload, as well.