Amazon Toy Ban


This was interesting.

I have an Amazon Seller account. I use it to sell some comics and other books or DVDs, the money from which can be re-spent at Amazon. I usually throw a bunch of stuff up there and see if any of it sells for a few months, before Amazon delists it. I think you get 90 days.

This morning I got an email that two of my items were being blocked from the store until the new year. Why? They’re toys: a Waldorf and Statler action figure set that was an exclusive to Wizard World: Chicago a few years back, and a Simpsons figure set.

They’re really more collectibles than toys, but I guess Amazon wants to save themselves the hassle of dealing with smaller third parties mucking up Christmas for the kids.

No, it’s not an outright ban. I just didn’t qualify to stay on. I didn’t look it up to see what those qualifications are, because it doesn’t bother me. I just thought it was interesting, is all.