Applescript Needed? Automate Copying Link and Text

I think I need an Applescript for this.  I have a problem, and I’m hoping someone knows of a solution for it.  Let me know if you do.

Given a document — whether it’s a Word Doc or an HTML page — I want to right-click on a link and be able to cut-and-paste both the text that’s being linked and the surrounding A HREF HTML code that creates that link.  This needs to work with DOC files, DOCX files, web sites.  It seems crazy that all I can do is right click on the link and copy the URL.  I want to copy the link AND the text that’s underlined to form that link.

I imagine the easiest solution to this is some chunk of Applescript code somewhere, but I’ve never dabbled in that particular form of programming.  Has anyone ever seen something like what I’m describing?  Help!  And thanks.