AI10 – New Jersey Try-outs

American Idol logo It’s a bold new beginning for American Idol. At last, they’ve acknowledged that the Meadowlands is in New Jersey and not New York City. They referred to them as the “New Jersey Auditions” this year. Maybe Nigel Lythgoe’s influence involves bringing truth to the series?

So, the season starts off with a typically over-produced melodramatic Michael Bay movie trailer worthy tease for what happened in the “off-season” with signing on two new judges before we get to business. I kinda like that the show wallows in its campiness sometimes.

That Ford banner ad at the bottom of the screen that doesn’t stretch to the edges? Reminds me of ads on an iPhone. I don’t get why they don’t fill in the rest of the space to the left and right for the HD feed, though.

But here’s the part that made me happiest: The first contestant was Rachel Zevita. You may remember her from Season Six. Jennifer Lopez said she did. I know I did. And, guess what? I wrote about her four years ago:

Rachel Zebita[sic] is this year’s opera singer. We had one last year who was very entertaining in the auditions (you can hear her here), but stunk came Hollywood Hell Week. Rachel made it through, so we’ll see if she fares any better.

The previous year’s contestant did a “Phantom of the Opera” song, as you may recall. I can’t believe I still do…

In any case, checking further into the archives, I saw that I didn’t mention her brief appearance during Hollywood week, and off she went.

More links for Rachel:

I have a lot more of the premiere left to watch, but I wanted to get this part out there. I love it when I can use the VandS archives. =)

UPDATE #1: Just finished watching the first day of auditions from the episode. I haven’t laughed this hard from watching television in years.  Steven Tyler is the perfect addition to this show’s cast. He’s just unhinged enough that, with his background, he might just say anything and it can be easily dismissed as “he’s a rock star.”  So when he tells a sixteen and three-quarters year old girls that her skirt had “just the right amount showing,” I had to hit pause and wait to compose myself.

Also, “Did you eat a lot of paint chips as a child?” cracked me up.  I bet the writers on the show are just happy to have a different character to write for. ;-)

On the other side, yeah, they did the whole “Jersey Shore” thing.  Tying the show into MTV’s hit reality series is, in retrospect, likely the entire reason that they admitted which side of the Hudson River they were filming on.  Ah, well. . .