AI10 – New Orleans Try-Outs

I’m not sure I have anything terribly specific to say here. I didn’t write down contestant names, so going one by one would be impossible. But some general thoughts after three hours of this new season:

  • Steven Tyler needs to pull back on the food analogies. Telling people they’re delicious or that they’re like desert after lunch is getting to be old hat.
  • The producers will soon be tapping the judges on the shoulders and telling them they don’t have the budget to send this many people to Hollywood.
  • And with all the teenagers going, that’s TWO plane tickets for their parents or legal guardians.
  • And the 15 year old rule needs to be thrown out the window. Yes, that one kid (Jaycee Badeaux — I looked his name up) could sing, but shouldn’t he wait for his voice to crack before embarking on a musical career? They can’t all be Bobby Brady. Seriously, though, the kid was good and sang a solid tune, but his voice is still weak and needs more experience. He’s going to get eaten alive in Hollywood.
  • Somewhere, Simon Cowell is sneaking a peak at these shows and rolling his eyes at all the fair-to-middling contestants they’re putting through. There’s a lot of people who could use another year before going to Hollywood that they’re just fast-tracking.
  • One other lesson these contestants need to learn: Getting a ticket to Hollywood is NOT a life-changing thing. It’s a free plane ticket and an overnight stay in a hotel in Los Angeles somewhere. That’s it. Half of them will be returning home within 48 hours of getting there a few months later, so don’t celebrate your family’s rise out of poverty yet.