AI10 – Milwaukee Try-Outs

Again, I’m only halfway through the two hour marathon of Idol greatness tonight, but some random thoughts from that:

  • Steven Tyler is filling the Ozzy Osbourne quotient of Crazed End of Career Whacked Out Ex-Druggie Who Might Say Anything Next on a Reality Show role. That said, I did laugh at the match/duck line that cracked up the entire staff in the studio. . .
  • The judges are still being pushovers. Randy’s initial instinct and Jennifer Lopez’s “no” vote were correct for Emma Henry, the girl who drove on a learner’s permit to the audition. She’s good for her age, but she’s not strong enough yet. She needs more training and more experience. She’ll be joining a large contingent of contestants in Hollywood who don’t stand a chance and will be easy cannon fodder. EASY. The only question is, will the judges toughen up on Hollywood Week? Or will they keep pushing people through until the last minute and then unleash the bloodbath?
  • The teenager who led the show with his deep singing voice, Scotty McCreery, won’t go far, either. He doesn’t have any range. He’d get boring after a couple of weeks in the top ten, except for the fact that the country viewers of Idol always vote for their own in strong numbers. He is good television as a novelty act, though. That voice is ridiculous, in a positive way.
  • Hey, Danny Gokey is alive!
  • Jerome Bell is overrated and screams too much. This, by the way, is a winning audition for Steven Tyler, contestants. Pay attention for the next set of auditions. Punctuate your audition with a high note into a scream (whether necessary or not) and you’ll go places.
  • And let’s start sucking it up, contestants. This is doubly true if you’re 15 or 16. Yes, “Idol” might change your life. (It has led to much more public stints in rehab for the likes of Jessica Sierra and Mikki McKibbin, for starters.) So stop year crying already. Come back next year. Just because you’ve been watching the show since you were a zygote doesn’t entitle you to winning it TODAY. A little crying today will save you lots of crying after the flight to Hollywood.