“Total Eclipse of the Heart” Part 2 of 3

Of course, “American Idol” has long had an association with the Jim Steinman/Bonnie Tyler hit.

We go all the way back to the first season wtih Nikki McKibbin’s cover:

Carly Smithson covered it in a latter season:

It gets wilder and wackier after this break:

Noted rehab visitor Jessica Sierra sang it on Idol once. I can’t find that video right now, but here’s a clip of her singing it on the live tour with Scott Savol:

Michael Johns once sang it live with The Dan Band: (Again, SERIOUSLY NSFW language here)

And here’s Allison Iraheta on a TV show overseas somewhere covering it:

Finally, I know it’s not Idol, but I had to save The Master of Music for last. Ladies and Gentlemen, William Shatner: