“Total Eclipse of the Heart” Part 3 of 3

I had to stretch this out one more day, just because I found this video that has more than 1.5 million views:

It seems the video was originally a commercial featuring Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.” This YouTube video remixes the commercial to our favorite Steinman/Tyler number.  It’s just weird and odd for a minute and then kicks in with the drumsticks.  Stick with it.

Someone later went in and remixed it with the Dan Band version of the song.

Can’t believe I forgot about this one, a cover version fo the song sung horribly, but with percussion from home appliances:

Three more videos to go!  We’re almost there!

“Xena: Warrior Princess” Lucy Lawless sings the song with Bonnie Tyler from “Celebrity Duets”:

British Heart Throbs WestLife covered the song not long ago:

How about an acapella cover of the Dan Band’s version of the song with choreography inspired by the original music video? The lead singer’s voice can’t quite hit the high notes…

There are a lot of acapella college groups covering hte song, ALL of whom think it’s a new idea to have their singers turn around to reveal themselves during the opening “Turn around” lyrics. UGH.

So concludes this week’s look at “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”  Be nice to me, or next week I’ll do this for another song.  And neither of us will survive it.