Random SuperBowl XLV Thoughts

I DVRed the whole thing and fast-forwarded through the first half, with a smattering of stuff from the second.  Some initial impressions:

  • Cute, Motorola.  He’s reading “1984” in an ad for the XOOM tablet, featuring the masses looking like Apple Zombies.  Cute.  Congrats on being the first Android 3 tablet, due out just in time for the second generation of Apple’s tablet.  Good luck with that  OK, so it’s actually looking like it wil be out a couple months sooner — but what about that $800 price tag?!?  Yikes!

  • Very subtle of “Cowboys Vs. Aliens” to mention that it’s by “The Director of Iron Man” just before the shot of the energy cannon thing in the guy’s hand.

  • I loved loved loved the “Captain America” trailer on just about every conceivable level.

  • The Darth Vader commercial was as cute as all the pre-SuperBowl hype had it being.

  • I’m glad I wasn’t watching the halftime show with my parents.  It would have been tough explaining how The Black-Eyed Peas qualify as music. But, hey, at least we know that it wasn’t all lip-synched for a change.  Who in their right mind would lay down a track that awful-sounding to lip-sync to?

  • The half-time show is about spectacle, though, so good for them on that.  You can’t beat a “Tron” half-time show for that, can you?

  • Congrats to Usher on not pulling a groin muscle with that last jump over Will.I.Am.

  • GoDaddy isn’t even trying anymore, is it?  Their commercials are just teases for their website, which I have no interest in visiting afterwards.

  • The SuperBowl is like the “Ed Sullivan Show,” isn’t it?  Who’s the big name guest star in the audience tonight, kids?

  • Did that just make me sound 30 years older than I actually am?  Yes, I guess it does. I’ll shut up now.

  • OK, one last one: Heard the Groupon ad was insensitive, horrible, and pure evil.  So I watched them on-line. I laughed out loud, mostly because I knew they were the kinds of ads that would piss off a certain type of people.  I am evil, and that’s OK with me.