Recent Random Tweets

Follow them as they happen at @AugieDB.  Here’s some catching up:

  • There are writers on the internet who love the em dash a bit too much. Sometimes, the good old fashioned comma will do the job just fine.
  • My daughter chooses to snack on goldfish while watching “Finding Nemo.” Ironic?
  • “Beauty and Beast”: if you live somewhere nobody “gets” you, run for a reclusive abusive boyfriend with Mommy issues and a fancy house.
  • I saw something today I haven’t seen in 7 weeks: grass in my backyard!
  • Having not watched the Grammys last night, I’m unsure how many of these tweets were serious and how many were jokes. Both odd AND funny.
  • I saw a girl today wearing cargo jeggings. Don’t the pockets on the outside of your thighs defeat the point of the jegging?
  • My daughter is going to grow up in a world without bookstores and music stores. Everything will be digital or mail order. Crazy!