AI10 – Group Day

I’m torn on Group Day during “American Idol” Hollywood Week.  It’s such an obvious drama thing.  It has nothing to do with whether an individual will make a strong Idol contestant or not.  It’s about creating conflict and watching the mayhem that results.


On the other hand, it gives us a better insight into people’s characters.  We get to see who the selfish punks are who would kick a 15 year old kid out of their group, who the nutcases are who quit under the first bit of pressure, and who the opinionated know-it-alls are who think they’re the only right ones in the building.


This year’s two hour Group Night extravaganza was spectacular.  So while I may think it’s unnecessary and counter-productive, it makes for great TV and isn’t that what we all want?


The results from that show us, however, that Idol really wants a diva to win this year.  Badly.  Everyone who can screech, scream, and make a single note into a warbling mess without any regard for the rhythm or melody of the music got high praise.  The more you scream and wrench every note out of a single syllable, the more Randy, J-Lo, and Steven will love you.  Given the judging panel, that shouldn’t be a surprise.  Steven often harmonizes on that screaming.


Welcome to the backlash to the singer/songwriter successes of the last three years.  Well, the problem with them is that they weren’t as successful as Idol would have liked.


Last night also promised a big twist — which was the preview to next week’s episode.  OK.  Because the Idol producers can’t milk the Beatles catalog any more, can they?