AI10: Round of 24 — Boys

It’s quite the cast of screamers they have lined up on “Idol” this year, isn’t it? But it’s those screamers that will likely stand out and make it through. It’ll be a brutal cut this week, losing 7 of those 12, though we know one or two might come back as Judges Choice. Still, I can’t easily name the 7 or even the five who should go. I have my preferences, though.

Casey Abrams is the one contestant right now that makes me want to jump up and start dialing the phone. He’s unpredictable, he’s funny, and he backs it all up with musical ability. It’s scary. Strange, but scary. What he did tonight made me laugh at least three times, and I like that.

Paul McDonald almost gets there into Casey’s stratosphere, but I’m afraid tonight’s karaoke may doom him. He’s awkward and unpredictable and I like that, but I don’t think it’ll be enough to carry him through. He doesn’t have a good background story to draw from like so many of the other “early favorites” do.

Robbie Rosen didn’t sing a Neil Diamond song. Bad move. He has this going for him: He’s young. That’ll get him a good number of votes. But if it’s all based on that song tonight, he’s done. So let’s eliminate him now.

Scott McCreery stands out. He’s the only country guy this year, and we’ve seen in previous seasons that the country voting bloc is a strong one. I think he’ll make it through.

Tim Halperin is doomed. I’m guessing that the rule came down for no instruments this week. He needed a piano. That’s when he does his best work. Without it, this week he sang a perfectly competent cover tune that I’ve already forgotten. Shame.

Jordan Dorsey is arrogant and not nearly as great as he thinks he is. However, he’s the only guy covering that genre of music this week with an Usher cover. That might get him votes. Otherwise, he’s done. Like Tim, he went the wrong way with his song selection and it’ll be his undoing. Also, he’s fawning and obsequious. Check out how quickly he agrees with the judges when they tell him he was wrong, and then how quickly he defends himself to Ryan Seacrest. I got whiplash from watching him bounce around so quickly like that.

James Durbin is going through. He’s basically warmed-over Adam Lambert, but to the rock side, as opposed to the theatrical side. Doesn’t do much for me, but it seems that the judges and the studio audience wants a screamer this year. Speaking of which

Jacob Lusk is a guaranteed Top 12 contestant. If the votes somehow don’t go his way, the judges will make him their choice. No doubt. I think he’s overrated and too wild and uncontrolled, but I know when I’m outnumbered. Still, I want to see the Jacob/James duet this season. I think we’d see a lot of cases of laryngitis after such a thing…

Clint Jun Gamboa will likely fall victim to the “Going First” death spot on the lineup. I’m not a big fan, so that doesn’t bother me.

Brett Loewenstern sounded absolutely awful to me. But, again, I fear I’m outnumbered. He’d be an easily one to drop off the show Thursday night, but he has a lot going for him in the 12 – 17 female demographic that controls the vote so much.

Jovany Barreto can sing. I believe that. I just didn’t like that performance tonight. He can go.

Stefano Langone is the contestant I always pair with Jovany in my mind. And he was good with his song, but not memorable. He didn’t scream nearly loudly or shrieky enough to get the votes.

So, that all said, who goes through from the audience vote? I’ll go with:

  • Jacob
  • James
  • Scotty
  • Casey
  • Brett

Judges will choose between Robbie and Paul for their choice. Or maybe they’ll just pick two girls, instead. We’ll see how tomorrow night goes.