Walter Ray Williams Jr. – The End Is Near?

I haven’d had enough time to watch bowling this season, though I still check in at the beginning of each week’s show to see who’s making the television finals.  There’s been one name absent all season, though: Walter Ray Williams Jr.  It finally bothered me so much that I Googled for an answer and came back with a New York Times article from earlier this year.  I think this sums it all up:

He is 51, perhaps near the end of bowling’s most remarkable career. He won his first Professional Bowlers Association Tour player of the year award in 1986 and his seventh in 2010. Five of those awards came after his 1995 induction into the P.B.A. Hall of Fame. No one has won more tour events (47), and only Earl Anthony, with 10, has won more than Williams’s eight major titles. […]

This season, which began in October, unraveled after a September hernia operation, a change in ball sponsorship and Williams’s persistently arthritic fingers. His string of 17 consecutive seasons with at least one tour title is in danger, although he has exempt status for 2011-12.

He could retire after that season, should things not turn around for him.  I haven’t watched a week of bowling in my life on television where the thought of Walter Ray being on the broadcast wasn’t at least a possibility.  My own awkward style of bowling was always inspired by the simple controlled accuracy of Williams, though I was never anywhere near as good/

How good is he?  YouTube shows us:

I could watch that all day. . .   I’ve seen it countless times (including in its original airing) and it never gets old.