“All By Myself”

Every now and again, “American Idol” needs the reminder that “All By Myself” is NOT a Celine Dion song. It’s an Eric Carmen song used to great effect in an episode of “The Drew Carey Show” once upon a time. (OK, if you want to dig into the roots even deeper, it’s a Rachmaninoff song being sampled here, which Carmen didn’t realize wasn’t actually public domain and had to get a license for after the fact.)

And how could they not mention Latoya London’s performance of the song, which has set the Idol standard for it:

Where Pia is all technical and precide, Latoya’s version of the song builds better and has more raw emotion. I think Pia did better last week, still.

That video clip is fun to watch just for Ryan Seacrest at the end, back in his “I’m everyone’s brother on this show” mode. Now, he’s “Smarmy television host in a suit.”

One more cool Carmen fact from Wikipedia: “Carmen’s full version has an extended piano solo and lasts over seven minutes”

Bonus Idol video of Asia’h Epperson (yeah, I had forgotten her, too) from season 7 doing the same song after the break. It wasn’t pretty, but she was also sick at the time: