You Tubing with Christina Perri, Part 1

I admit it — I’m hooked on Christina Perri music. And she doesn’t even have an album yet.

I first wrote about her at the beginning of the year, after I refound her one hit song from last summer.  And I knew from following her that she used to post YouTube videos of herself singing her songs.  But it took me a few months before I delved into those.  Don’t know why that is, but here we are now.

Time to check out some of those videos.

We’ll start with the covers.  Pardon the bad still that this video generates, but here’s “Crying” from Roy Orbison:

“Hand In My Pocket” works very well, also. Here she sings it in her pajamas, although I don’t know many people who sleep in decorative scarfs…

Lady Gaga’s “Speechless”:

The Beatles, Queen, Anya, Coldplay, and more are all after the break:

Lots of Beatles songs on the playlist. Here’s “Blackbird”

And more:

The Beatles: “I Will” (So old that her wedding ring is still present) The Beatles: “I’m So Tired” (Wearing glasses) Paul McCartney: “Maybe I’m Amazed” John Lennon: “Jealous Guy” Queen: “I Want to Break Free” Joan Baez: “Diamond + Rust.” (Wedding ring present again.) Coldplay: “The Scientist” Anya: “Satellite Heart” (Complete with gauzy defocused video, and lots of reverb)

Coming soon: The original songs