You Tubing with Christina Perri, Part 2

Christina Perri’s “Lovestrong” album hit virtual and physical stands this week. What better time for Part 2 of this series?

While touring around earlier this year, Perri did a brief show in Paris at a small club of some sort. Someone up close took video of the entire thing. Here, then, is a six song set. Pretty cool:

More videos after the break!

Here’s an earlier version of “Tragedy” from the recent EP:

(View the EP version here.)

“Heart for Sale” would fit right into the songs we’ve heard from her in the last year. It’s not on the album, but with a few tweaks and a glossy production, this song could be a winner. I love how the camera shakes as she starts pounding on the piano here:

Here’s another song written by Perri that’s not on the album. From 2010, it’s “Breathe”: