Testing Mars Edit

I’ve decided recently that I want to get better organized with my computing life. It’s not all easy, since I spend all day on PCs at work that are behind firewalls and won’t let me install software or use the internet freely.  But there are tools I can use on my computer at home to make my precious free moments here at home more useful.

One of the tools I’m trying out is Mars Edit. It’s a highly-regarded blog writing tool that lets you do everything away from the web browser, where things are faster and easier. This very post is my first test of it.


Elmo in a random picture


I also need to test how well including pictures is, which explains the random pic you see in this blog post.  The WordPress backend I use at AugieShoots is painfully slow, though it automates some things that I’m grateful for.  But maybe Mars Edit will be easier.  We’ll see…


For now, I’m just talking out loud, but I’m very happy to note that my first attempt at posting this blog entry as a “Draft” worked.  I’ve never gotten any other off-line blog editor to work this easily.  This is a good sign…  Maybe I’ll write the next post in Markdown, for kicks.