AI11 – The Boys Round of 12, er, 13

I have no plans to write up this year’s season of “American Idol,” but I do have five minutes tonight, so here are a few words on The Boys singing live for America for the first time:

  • The judges have abdicated their duties and their responsibilities.  They’re merely cheerleaders. It’s America’s time to decide, right?  So why get in the way?  Why take any of the blame?  Don’t give America any guidance.  Just tell everyone how great they are no matter how flat they are or how nervous they look or how horribly they misinterpreted that song.  Remember when Simon left and Randy tried to be The Tough Judge?  That didn’t last terribly long, did it?

  • Another season, another awful music mix where the band drowns everyone out.

  • Here are the six I’d pick to go through:

    • Reed Grimm: Because, in the words of Steve Jobs, “Here’s to the crazy ones…”  Every season needs the wild child who could go off and do anything on any given night.  Plus, he has a name that could easily put him on The Fantastic Four.

    • Colton Dixon: I wasn’t a big fan of the song choice tonight, but I thought the kid got robbed last year, and is still good enough to deserve a Top 12 spot.

    • Aaron Marcellus: Honestly, he’s the one I’m least sure about, but he’s good enough and I’d like to see him do more.

    • Creighton Fraker: He’s right up there with Reed for potential craziness, but he’s also the first one on the night who belted out his song and didn’t let the band drown him out.

    • Philip Phillips: Because, hey, I liked Taylor Hicks, too.

    • Jermaine Jones: I like the guy, and he did great under the circumstances tonight. Perfect song choice, belted it out, has great potential.

  • Here’s who I’m afraid of: Eben.  He has the John Stevens breakout potential.  He could be the one to make it through on the tweenies’ text votes week after week without any relationship to the level of his music talent. His song tonight was way out of his league.  He was completely flat.  And even that final note didn’t go up enough.  But he’s the Justin Beiber of the season.  Cute kid, young kid, and the type that all the valuable 10 – 16 year old girls will go crazy over.

  • One other wildcard, whose name I didn’t write down: The country kid who looks like Brandon Frasier.  Country artists get votes on American Idol.  Country fans protect their own.  It wasn’t that he was bad tonight, by the way, but that I liked the others more.

We’ll find out on Thursday.  Let’s hope the girls do better song choices tomorrow night, in the meantime.