iPad 3 Is Coming

Dagnabit, I wrote this late last week and never posted it. So please forgive some of the verb tenses and estimations that might be off by a week…

The iPad 3 will be announced next week, leaving lots of people with iPads and iPad 2s looking to upgrade. Many of them are selling their old tablet on eBay now in advance of the new release to help offset the cost. eBay has said that the volume of iPad 2s being sold is higher now than it was with iPads when the second edition came out last year. That shouldn’t really be newsworthy, given the record sales Apple has had in the last year. But it’s still impressive.

Some observations:

  • People don’t mind living without their iPad for a week or two. Their auction will all end in the next seven days, and it’s no guarantee that the next one will be released right away. I’d bet on a 09 March release, but that’s just a guess. That’s a couple of weeks without their iPad. Could you imagine them doing that with their iPhone? Or their laptop/desktop computer?

  • The eBay listings show an average selling price of about $400. That’s a pretty good return on your investment. How many tech products hold 80% of their value a year later, particularly in light of a rumored Big Upgrade like the iPad 3 with his new screen? I don’t blame people for going a week or two without if it means buying an iPad 3 for $100 or so, in the end.

  • People will pay $400 for a used iPad 2! If I were willing to shell out $400 for an iPad, I’d save up, wait a couple of weeks or a couple of months, and buy the iPad 3. I think it’ll be worth it for that screen alone. Meanwhile, there’s still the theory running around that you’ll be able to buy a brand new iPad 2 for $400 or less once the third version is out.

  • The iPad 1 looks to go for $250 – $350. This is not a scientific statistical analysis. This is just me looking over a few screens of eBay listings. The iPad 2 price is consistent at $400, while the first iPad varies more wildly. And it’s not the specs that’s driving the price difference. I see 16GB models selling for more than 32GB models, and 3G-enabled iPads selling for less than wi-fi only. There are, of course, a lot of variables to account for with eBay auctions, but I found that randomness interesting in light of the consistency of the iPad 2’s sales. (That all said, the 64GB model tends to get up there near $400, which makes sense.)