iPad(3) First Impressions

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First Impressions of the iPad 3

I’m writing this before I’ve even plugged it into the computer at home. In a brief window of wi-fi opportunity, I was able to configure my email and download the Comixology with a couple of comics.

  • Comixology has not upgraded its iPad App to the new retina display resolution, but it’s tough to tell. My main demo around the office this afternoon was “Justice League” #1 with Jim Lee art. The Superman splash page at the end was a big hit, with people calling it three-dimensional. More about this to come in Pipeline on Tuesday.

  • It is heavier than I expected. Since this is my first iPad, I’m not comparing it to the marginally lighter iPad 2. I just mean that the image in my mind I always had was of a slightly lighter device. It’s not a bother, though.

  • The size is huge. I’m so used to a phone where my thumb can travel the entire area of the screen in a half second. Now I’m holding a tablet with two hands and running fingers all over a display that’s four times the size or so. It’s weird.

  • When I go back to reading the iPhone, it feels so tiny.

  • Finger prints! Everywhere! Might work better in a slightly more dim room. Need a microfiber cloth to take care of this.

  • Must download lots of apps tonight. Will start with Instapaper, as I’ve recently realized how it will fit into my life. It won’t be Retina Display-ready for another week or two, but it’s a free upgrade, so no worries. More about that in this blog next month, I’m sure.

(This just in: Instapaper updated tonight, after all, about an hour after I downloaded it. Nice timing!)

Now excuse me while I go load more comic book files onto the device for, er, “testing.”..