Commodore USA

I have to admit that there’s a part of me that wants to download this and run it purely for nostalgia sake. And, yes, you can order an Amiga or a C64x today. The latter has been out for a few months. The Amiga was just announced, and even includes a Blu-ray player. Crazy, eh?

Commodore OS Vision is our customized GNU/Linux distribution for Commodore enthusiasts that is designed to unleash your creative potential and help you enjoy your computing experience to the fullest. Commodore computers were well known for their unique operating environments, so we seek to do the same, by providing a distinctive, attractive, advanced and fun operating system experience. Various themes are included, inspired by the Commodore 64 and various versions of the Commodore Amiga Workbench user environments, but with a modern spin, which includes many slick graphical effects which showcase the capabilities of our new Commodore machines.

via Commodore USA.