AI11 – Round of 9 – Idols Week

The following was written as I watched the show. Typed it as I watched it. Slightly distracting, but a lot of fun.

Nine songs, two hours — wow,this ought to be a well-padded show.

Ah, it includes trio songs and Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger is back? Didn’t we ignore everything he said last week? Why did they bring him back? Oh, because there’s a branding partnership going on between IDOL and TH. That explains that…

This ought to be fun. Stevie Nicks is nutty.

Colton: Going first is never good, but then picking a song this slow-moving until it moves into an upbeat part that he’s pitchy all over is not a good sign. Might work well as a worship song, but I don’t think it plays well as an Idol song. Trouble. The judges completely disagree with me, though. Oh well.

They’re flashing Twitter handles now during the judging. Interesting.

I need to go back and listen to that one again, but there won’t be any time tonight.

Skylar: She could go Trademark Skylar Crazy on this song. And, sure enough, she does it at the end. It’s right in her wheelhouse, so I have nothing to complain about. She did it strongly. And lots of talk about bullets and guns, which is always good for a family show in 2012. When I was a kid, we were allowed to play with toy guns, you know. I’ve never shot anyone since, somehow.

TRIO 1: Colton, Elise, and Philip. Oh, god, no. Not this song again. “Landslide,” of course. So you just know another trio will get stuck with “Can’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow.” UGH

Oh, wait, this is a medley. Elise doing Nickie makes sense, though.

Philip gets stuck with “Don’t Stop.” Poor kid.

Will another trio sing “Don’t Go Dragging My Heart Around?” Who gets the Tom Petty part?

Heejun: UGH. He’s still here. Doing Donnie Hathaway, an Idol staple. But by far, this is Heejun’s best performance on the show, with a standing ovation that was well earned. Man, if he just sang like this in the past three weeks, I wouldn’t be making fun of him every week.

That was impressive. It was darn near an Idol Moment.

Hollie: Steve Nicks just about leaned forward and ate Hollie. And it would have barely been a snack, since there’s not much to Hollie there… But, uhm, the girl who’s been singing Celine and Whitney is suddenly naming Carrie Underwood as her Idol? Something doesn’t feel right here, though the emotion in the second half of the song was strong. Still, it seemed very karaoke to me. Who is Hollie? I don’t know after that.

DeAndre: I can believe he idolizes Eric Benet. I also know that it’s not my thing, musically, and this will be boring and/or grating on my nerves. And the falsetto is back in full effect. Oh, god, he’s having a Justin Guarini moment here.

The last minute or so of the song saved it, when he went to full-on falsetto scream, but I was bored by the rest. But, like I said, this isn’t my thing, so feel free to ignore me.

Jessica: She sounds good on the Beyonce song. Very comfortable. Right in her range. Very controlled. At some point, though, the vote split between Jessica and Heidi will result in Heidi’s departure.

Random Thought: This is the night the producers start casting the finale and who they can get into the show to sing with the contestants who idolize them. Will they get Beyonce to visit? Eric Benet? Lifehouse?

TRIO 2: Heejun, DeAndre, and Joshua. Heejun doing Michael Jackson? Oh, boy… Heejun shouldn’t be choreographed.

That was painful. I missed Fleetwood Mac, all of a sudden.

But, man, there’s going to be a lot of high and long notes in the third trio, isn’t there?

Phillip: I wonder if Simon would be bored by Phillip and would say something like, “This is a kid I can hear in a thousand bar bands this weekend.” It’s really Taylor Hicks 2.0, though I love it here, too. His selection of idol makes sense, his performances are consistent, and he picks the right song. I like it lots. And it’s another standing ovation from the judges to go along with it. Can’t complain here.

It helps that the producers gave the contestants a softball this week. Their vengeance shall be swift next week when they give the remaining eight the Songs of the 1920s…

Joshua: His Idol is Mariah. I’m almost not surprised. But, wait, it’s not Mariah’s song. It’s that great song from “The Drew Carey Show.” I love this song. I hope he can pull it off. Can he turn this into a gospel song? Weird.

What’s with all the stuff standing around on stage this week? Doors before, dead trees now, smoke almost omnipresent…

Oh, boy, the band drops out and he can’t reach up for that note. Whoops. The magic trick failed. But everything else worked so well that he gets the standing O anyway. Go figure. Oh wait, he cried at the end. That always gets the standing O.

OK, so I went back and watched it again. Maybe I was a bit hard on the Magic Trick bit. He didn’t go big and broad for that note, but it worked in his style, so I’ll give it to him.

TRIO 3: Jessica, Hollie, and Skylar: Madonna hits. This might work the best of the three. Wait, they’re starting with “Like a Prayer”? They’re supposed to end with that. Hollie doing dance songs? That seems weird. Are any of these three taller than 5’2″? It’s three pipsqueaks with huge voices singing in mid-range.

Elise: Is doing Zep? I expect pyrotechnics on the stage for this one. Maybe confetti at the end. And the electric guitar guy on stage.

Needs a hair fan. They got the streaming smoke behind the guitarist guy on stage, though.

Well, that took steel cast iron balls. And she pulled it off. Yowza. That bit at the end where she paused a second and Randy was waiting anxiously for the ending? Pure genius.

That was the least Idol song ever on Idol, and I’ll be damned if it didn’t work.

So who’se in trouble this week? Colton is. Going first is never good. I think Elise might be, just because the main Idol voting contingent isn’t a 70s rock fanbase. And Hollie is in trouble. Who would I put in the bottom three? DeAndre, Hollie, and Heejun. (One song isn’t enough to make me forget, Heejun…)

We might see a Judges Save this week. It’s that loopy a week.