AI11 – Round of Seven

Oh, boy. There is a lot to discuss about this week’s American Idol, isn’t there?

It was a week where Jessica Sanchez damn near fell off a piano when she missed it trying to sit down, but still held her note and her composure.

It was a week where Hollie almost couldn’t get off her stool when the time came.

It was a week in which the girls learned the hard way that those ridiculous heels that must be in fashion right now are not right for them.

It was a week in which Elise continued to confuse American by calling herself a Charleston girl while Idol creates packages showing her hometown of Kinnelon, NJ. (One of those pieces was filmed in a local bar on Rte. 23 that I always thought was an “adult” bar, if you know what I mean. Maybe I was wrong?)

It was a week in which Jennifer Hudson sang, and then Randy commented that the week’s Bottom 3 were the first time America had gotten it completely wrong and he was devastated. Granted, it’s been seven years, but has he really forgotten the week Hudson left? The other two in the bottom three were Fantasia and La Toya London (who gave the definitive Idol performance of “All By Myself,” thank you very much.). It was the week Elton John called America a pack of racists for voting the way they did.

It was a week where, if you did count Elise as a Carolina girl, you’d realize that the entire Final 7 comes from south of the Mason Dixon line. They’re all southeasterners, except Jessica over in San Diego, and I guess you’d count Hollie and Skylar from Texas as being more South-Central-ish. Though Hollie is almost more British than Texan…

The other thing we learned is that the contestants need to start bringing out the big guns. It’s not enough to sing an album cut now. You need a #1 song every week to get the voters’ juices flowing. Sing songs they know and do them well and they’ll vote for you.

Looking at the final 7, as talented as they all are, I don’t think there’s any chance for Elise or Hollie to win. I think Colton is in danger of being too boring to win. I like him a lot, but he needs on of those Idol Moments, stat, to remind people he’s there. Phillip isn’t going to win, because I honestly think America got that out of its system after DeWyze.

So, that’s what, Jessica versus Josh versus Skylar? I think that’s a likely top 3. Skylar gets that country music vote. Jessica’s in trouble, because there hasn’t been a winner from California yet, has there? Kat McPhee nearly got there, but came up short.

In fact, looking at all 10 winners so far, most have come from the south, notably Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, and North Carolina.

Chicago gave us Lee DeWyze. David Cook is from Missouri. Jordin Sparks is from Arizona, though her Dad played football here in New Jersey for a long time, so maybe we can lay claim to her somehow? They have auditions in the NY/NJ area most every season, and often talk about the talent pool in the Broadway section of the world, but those contestants never get very far.

Anyway, back to this week:

That Pink song they opened the results show with was painful to sit through. I felt uncomfortable for all of them, though Ryan wins the song with his cameo at the end, Coke cup in hand. The rest of the time, the contestants looked uncomfortable, like they weren’t 100% sure who was singing which line next. And I’m pretty sure Elise did blow one line there, though she covered it as well as she could.

And when you saw the bottom three, you knew the save was in play. MAYBE they wouldn’t save Elise, but there was no way either Josh or Jessica was going home. And that’s why you save the Save (sorry, “#thesave”) for as long as possible. You don’t use it on a time bomb like Casey…)

I’m sure there’s more to discuss, but I’m not doing write-ups this season. ;-)