Return of The Wii (U)

Nintendo announced the Wii U for November 18th. It’ll be hitting store shelves for $299. That timing is just like the original Wii, which so clearly won the console wars for that generation.

I won’t be getting the Wii U. Unlike when the Wii came out, I have a mortgage, a kid, and no free time. It’s an interesting beast of a system, though completely scattershot.

It’s an attempt to being the iPad to the TV, which Apple is already working on and will inevitably do. It just seems to me that the device needs more focus. I already have multiple systems competing to be my home theater controller, Nintendo. All I’d want is a solid game machine, if I was in the market for such things.

As it is, my daughter will soon be of the age to play Wii games with Daddy, and I’ll be picking them up off eBay cheap. ;)