iOS 6: The New Share Sheet

iOS 6 Share Sheet for a Picture

Camera Roll > Share One Picture

One of the first differences you’ll see in iOS 6 if you’re the sharing type is the new gridded share sheet for sending out pictures from your camera roll. It’s not a stacked set of gray bars that give you the standard Email/Message/Copy options. Now it’s a tic-tac-toe board of icons. Facebook and Twitter are included, obviously, as are Mail, Message, and Photo Stream. The interesting additions include “Add to Contact” to associate a picture with a specific person; Print; Copy; and Use as Wallpaper. That’s right; you don’t need to dig into the settings anymore to save a pic as your lock screen or background image.

iOS 6 Share Pictures

Camera Roll > Share More Than One Picture

And when you have multiple items checked off, it knows enough to limit your choices. You can’t, after all, have multiple pictures as your lock screen. So those options aren’t shown to the user.

The share sheet isn’t limited to just the Camera Roll. It’s also present in Safari, where the extra options include “Add to Home Screen,” Print, Bookmark, or Add to Reading List.

Share Sheet for Safari on iOS 6

Safari Share Sheet

The still has the old grey button bars for Reply/Forward/Print on a single email. Because Apple hates email. (I switched to Sparrow, but I don’t actually hate the standard I don’t use email heavily on my phone, either.)

It’s a much nicer and more graphical way to present options than the plain old gray bars. Now we can all dream of a day when we can make our own additions to the sharing options. . .