Google Maps – All About the Ads

If you’re missing the Google Maps application with your new iOS 6 installation, don’t worry. I have no doubt Google will be back with an app for you to use. Because, you see, the maps application is not a handy guide to get you from place to place thanks to the kindness and benevolence of Google. It is just another vehicle for Google to serve up advertisements.

That’s what Google is: An ad company. So they want to get as many people looking at their maps as possible. And they probably want to show you even more ads.

Take note, for example, that with their new YouTube app, they control things and you get to see more ads. So, too, shall it be with the maps application. Because if you don’t pay for it, someone else will, and you’ll just get annoyed.

That’s just the way the world works.

All this of course raises the question once more: Did Apple get rid of the Map application to spite Google or to chart its own future? Or did Google leave Apple make more money from serving more ads?