Feature Request for iOS 7: Quick Delete

Now that we have the new version of the iPhone operating system out, let’s take a look at what we’d like to see in the next one. This is, after all, the Internet. We’re always looking ahead. Nothing ever makes us happy.

I have a feature request for the Camera Roll. When I take pictures, I often shoot in burst mode. If I’m inside the house and my daughter is moving around, that’s the only way to make sure I’ll get at least one picture that isn’t blurry.

The problem with this, though, is that you end up with 15 pictures and you want to delete 10 of them non-consecutively. Now you have to go through one by one to delete them. The problem here is that the delete key disappears from the screen when you swipe to the next picture. In previous versions of the operating system, there were arrows at the bottom of the screen that you could touch to go from picture to picture. When you touched the arrows, the on-screen graphics did not disappear like to do now when you swipe.


Today with the new iOS 6 (iOS 5 did it, also), when you swipe to go to the next picture you lose the garbage can icon at the bottom of the screen. You have to touch the screen again to bring it back up. It can be frustrating to have to slide/tap/tap to delete every time. I know it sounds it a minor problem, but it gets annoying after bit.

I wish the next version of the operating system would bring back those on-screen arrows for us to use or, alternatively, give us some sort of gesture we could use to delete something without having to tap the screen twice. (I’d even take a three finger slide to the right. That would still be easy enough to do while being difficult to accidentally pull off.)

The obvious problem here is that you don’t want to have people accidentally deleting pictures. Thankfully, whenever you do touch the garbage can icon, you still get the pop-up choice to delete or cancel. So there is kind of a backup system to accidental gestures there.

I do wonder, however, why they got rid of those arrows in the first place. They were very handy. I guess someone decided they didn’t want them getting in the way of viewing the images and that more people wanted them to disappear to show the full image rather than give us extra navigation.

Just my two cents for today…