iPod Nano and Fashion

On the latest “Hypercritical” podcast, John Siracusa mentioned that he didn’t like the new selection of colors for the iPod Nano. “I know nothing about fashion, so maybe I’m wrong and maybe these colors are totally in now,” he said.

I’ve seen enough ‘colored jeans’ around lately to think that Apple might be on the ball with this one, so I did some quick research. I visited Express.com and found an assortment of ‘colored jeans.’

iPod Nano versus Express Colored Jeans

From left to right, I give you jeans that are Purple, Turquoise, Jewel Green, Bright Yellow, and Coral. it’s not an exact match in all cases, but it looks pretty close to me. The only question in my mind is if the Light Green color would have been closer.

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  1. Yup, and just fixed it. Sadly, due to the way WordPress is wired, the URL will always be wrong, but at least people reading the full entry will see it correctly. And while I wrote it up incorrectly in the body of the post, I had it right in the filename of the image, though wrong in the alt text for the JPG. I’m a complete mess. It’s as fixed as it’s ever going to get.

    But if Apple releases an “iPad Nano” in October in this assortment of colors, I’ll proclaim myself to be a prognosticator!

  2. Actually, you can change the permalink URL. On the edit screen for the post, look for the permalink right below the post title. There should be an edit button there.

  3. Mike – If I change the slug for the permalink, it’ll break the link to the page that’s being passed around and retweeted like mad. I could do some redirects probably, but it’s late, I’m tired, and I don’t trust me with that level of Apache mojo right now. ;-)

  4. I understand that WordPress is smart enough to redirect the old permalink to the new permalink if you edit the “post slug”.

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