Maybe This Will Help?

YouTube has the single worst batch of comment trolls ever seen on the internet. YouTube makes 4Chan look like MasterPiece Theater. It makes the worst of the heady days of AOL seem erudite. It makes the average comic book message board flame fest look like child’s play.

Today, when starting a reasonable and sane comment to the site, YouTube stopped me to let me start posting under my full name, pulled from my Google+ account under the same ID. I like this idea:

You Tube Warning: You Are Now Using Your Full Name

But, then, I’m not flame baiting and trolling and acting like a nasty 14 year old boy who just learned a new dirty word and feels the need to tell it to the world.

Will this help YouTube? I don’t think anything can help YouTube anymore. Really, just ignore the comments there. Better yet, get a plug-in for your browser of choice to help block them out. (This one has versions for Chrome and Firefox.)