iOS Feature Request: Calendar

When I type an event into the Calendar app, I’d like it to attempt autocompleting any names or locations I type in. Facebook does that as soon as I start typing a name in, with no signifier. Twitter does it after you type the “@” in and I think Google+ will do it after a “+”, but Facebook does it from plain text. It just knows you’re typing a name and gives you options from your contact list.

When I’m typing in an event in iOS 6 and start typing a name or location, I’d like for iOS to recognize that and offer up autocomplete suggestions in a dropdown. It might be more consistent with iOS standard right now to offer up one suggestion in the same way the autocorrect spelling does. That’d still be helpful.

For example, if I say the location for an event is “Robert MacGuffin’s House”, I’d like iOS to suggest “Robert MacGuffin” after I get to about “Robe”. That would be cool.

Just a thought. . .