Improving iOS

This is a good breakdown of some of the areas that iOS can still improve in. The two big ones for me are making it easier to access the power-draining features like screen brightness, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, and iCloud simplification. I still haven’t turned iCloud on. Once I upgrade to Mountain Lion, I just might. For now, though, I’m less than sure of it.

Having communications between apps would be awesome, as would being able to define your default mail client and web browser. The latter isn’t on the list, but I’d like it to be. Hide it as deeply in the settings as you want, Apple, I’m OK with that. I wouldn’t be changing those back and forth all the time. But apps do have their own URL schemes, so the first step is already taken care of. Standardize those for mail and web apps, and let us make our choice. (I wouldn’t switch away from Safari, but I do enjoy Sparrow for email at the moment. I’d also like to replace “Read Later” with “Instapaper” across the board, if I could.

Also, and most importantly for me, personally, I’d like to see Podcasts app work. The other night, while it was sitting quiet in my coat pocket, I missed a phone call. After getting a notification that I had a new voice mail, the Podcasts app kicked on and started playing the podcast I was last listening to hours ago. I guess the app was sitting in memory still. But it’s odd that it turns itself on after any phone call ends, whether it was actually playing or not before hand. Frustrating. I can’t trust it to not play when I’m at my desk at work or in an elevator or something. Just bizarre.

And, yes, I will continue to harp on this until Apple finally fixes the Podcasts app someday. I’m not terribly inclined to believe it’s a high priority of theirs, though. What I need to do is dust off the podcast playing app I had created for myself and start using that again. I just dread the though of re-acquainting myself with the code. I was learning as I went along. It wasn’t always pretty… But it didn’t start playing for no good reason, at least!